What is happening?

We moved various projects from the development infrastructure of the livingreviews project to a new server of the MPDL with the name devtools.mpdl.mpg.de. The list of projects which have been relocated is available at https://devtools.mpdl.mpg.de/projects. We use newer versions of the sourcecode repository software subversion and the project management software trac, but this should not create any problem as all the functionality remains available.

At the moment the old URLs based on the server name dev.livingreviews.org are still functional. However, this is temporary only. The old urls will stop working in a few weeks.

What I am required to do?

Trac URLs

For the trac project management software which is accessed by the webbrowser, you just need to use the new URLs, update your bookmarks and links on other web pages. You only need to update the server name as the path on the server was not altered by the move of the projects: https://dev.livingreviews.org/projects/<name> becomes https://devtools.mpdl.mpg.de/projects/<name> where <name> indicates the project name.

Subversion repository URLs

For subversion checkouts you need to relocate the repository url. Again, you only need to change the server name, as the path of the repository did not change.

Using the svn command line application

If you use the svn command line application you first need to change into the directory where your checkout is located. Then execute:

svn switch --relocate https://dev.livingreviews.org/repos/<name> https://devtools.mpdl.mpg.de/repos/<name>

As before <name> is to be replaced by the project name. Please acknowledge the following rules:

  1. You need to relocate the base directory only, all sub-directories are updated as well.
  2. Always use the repository root URL (both, the old and the new one) in the relocate command even in case you checked out some sub-path of the repository.
  3. You can use svn info to get some information about your checkout. The output includes the repository root URL (the old URL before the relocation and the new afterwards).

Using TortoiseSVN

If you use TortoiseSVN please use the relocate command as shown in the following two screenshots for the vlib repository:

Please pay attention to the following rules:

  1. You need to relocate the base directory only, all sub-directories are updated as well.
  2. The old URL is taken from the checkout automatically. Hence you only need to type in the new URL. It is identical to the old URL execpt for the server name, i.e. dev.livingreviews.org becomes devtools.mpdl.mpg.de.
  3. In case you checked out some sub-path of the repository, you need to repeat this sub-path in the new URL. This is different from the procedure when using the svn command line application.

Thanks to Erik for the screenshots and the tests on TortoiseSVN.